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Company of BIK Ltd was established in 2004. Its basic activity is manufacture of and trade with confectionery and pastry goods of the “FINESSE” brand, showing rich diversity of flavours and packaging.Products  are handmade ,entirely natural and without preservatives.
Our main manufacture is “FINESSE” BISCUITS which are made from a special Oriental recipe, but have been enriched with nuts typical for  Bulgarian market and Bulgarian consumers. Beside that, we produce butter cookies and salty crackers which are similarly made from Oriental recipes and differ in taste from those offered on Bulgarian market. The production base complies with    European pastry standards.
Especially for the diabetics we have  developed LEAN SWEETS which are distributed in   trade  network by our  business partners. Well-established on  Bulgarian market companies are our distributors and we work with foreign partners in Romania, etc. as well.
At the request of our customers we accomplish orders in accordance with their requirements   regarding package and content. We also offer variety of sweets in a single package. Part of the assortment manufactured by BIK OOD can be found in the “Piccadilly” supermarket chain, and very  soon in other large chains, too.
Try out  the variety of  “FINESSE” products! Enjoy their unique taste!
We expect your opinions, questions and recommendations on  telephones and emails given below.